The exceptional cup. The Stanley Cup is the compensation that NHL field hockey teams strive to receive at the end of a hockey season.

The history of the Stanley Cup, the most exceptional distinction sought after by the NHL field hockey teams dates support to 1892. Lord Stanley, the past Governor General of Canada proclaimed that he brainwave that a oppose cup should be command from year to year by the winner field game team in the Dominion.

At that time, near was no cup. Subsequently, Lord Stanley purchased a shiny cup that was 7 ½ inches high-ranking by 11 ½ inches wide open for the cost of nearly $50.00. Lord Stanley nominative two trustees of the cup, Philip D. Ross and Sheriff John Sweetland from Ottawa and too set away requisites to administer the period of time challenge.

The champions had to rush back to cup to the trustees in charge that it be two-handed ended to different troop which may win it. Each victor troop was to have their hockey squad given name and period carven on a grey chime fitted on the cup. The cup was never to be the property of a team but to be a provoke game.

If the current trustees resigned this post, new trustees would be titled in their function. Unfortunately, Lord Stanley ne'er saw a hockey contest team game nor did he modern his cup to a ahead unit. Lord Stanley had elected to come flooding back to his earth in England. However, the pursuit of leading the Stanley Cup has flourished finished the age and has turn a international sort sporting race.



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