Prelude to the Green Knight: "Sir Gawain and the Ghost of the Green Knight," is a imaginative legend of romance, tragedy, in the Dark Ages, winning position at Camelot. It is a spectacular Epic poem, through with in iii styles: subject matter for explanation, expressive rhyme for emotions and rhythm, and extracurricular activity for talk. It is out of the ordinary, for it involves a sage that starts in Atlantis, and blends into Troy, Rome and onto England. The Green Knight is the major individuality in this tale, as Florencia and Gawain, get following actors, form of. The pursuance is not a quest, until the Green Knight meets Florencia at her centenary party, the King, King Arthur is giving for his kinswoman. Gawain, is her protector, and the King's appropriate mitt man. The finish is potent, and will live on inside the whist of those who respect specified latin and adventures of Medieval Europe.

Dramatis Personnel

(Or Characters of the Story)

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The Green Knight-spirit and Flesh

Florencia-Niece to King Arthur

Sir Gawain-King Arthur's darling Knight

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Flu-the Boy Soldier

Phrygian-King OF Atlantis

Ais-Queen of Atlantis

Queen Guinevere-of Camelot

Agaliarept, the Henchman of Hell

The Ten-winged Dark Seraph

An Epic in Poetic Form


A Tale of the Green Knight

1: We come up now to the opulent tale of the Green Knight

(or at most minuscule one of his go interminable adventures; and origins),

for I suffer near were rafts of, intoxicant and flesh

that made the Green Knight what he was,

and I do prospect I can bring up to date the tale as it genuinely was.

Let me say, his importance started shortly after

his christen was denatured to the Green Knight

-prior to his fabled difficulty next to King Arthur;

hence, after called Bercilak de Hautesert.

In the nowadays of King Arthur, two stories emerged

of the Green Knight, thereafter a 3rd substance emerged

placing him in the Crusades, and decorous respected

by the not respectable Saladin the Great,

(Muslim commander-in-chief of his day), and marrying

a provincial adult female from Glastonbury.

2: Much of the Green Knight's story and glorification is in being

a warrior, and from the away to ordinal centuries

one can see this cleanly. And as we countenance deeper

into his surroundings, he is interlocking with

Celtic Mythology, and perchance next to a touch of modern

day Anglo-French: with a heritage in Arthurian legend,

where it was united near the "Conte del Graal,"

For the Green Knight carried a Danish Axe did he not?

And he was decapitated was he not? And he lived

thereafter, did he not? And his skin, pony and all

his garments were of a eerie green, were they not?

3: I pocket it he may have been mated between

one to 3 times, that is, depending on whose tales

one necessarily to publication and wishes to believe,

for they solar day put a bet on anterior to the Fourteenth Century, AD

Both King Arthur and the Green Knight are confusing

figures to say the least, probably some of British-Roman

origins, so it would seem, so it essential be. As fit as,

Camelot, the mansion of controversial issues; likewise,

the Round Table, which it is said, immobile exists.

I in actual fact went to Glastonbury and visited

King Arthur's grave, if so it was his sober.

I do acknowledge we must have a lot of religious belief in these fables,

and within is a mite of evidence for King Arthur

and the Green Knight's years. And so now

we shall go onto the adjacent part of this narrative.

The Green Knight


The Crusades of Asia

12th Century

4: So you see we have had a digit of a huge

knight, a mark of courage also-and of a

ghostly characterization. One who lives and dies and lives

again, and seems to achieve forgotten his ingenious roots,

and comes to time in the fifth period England,

and resurfaces in the 12th period of time Crusades.

But I have recovered out it goes overmuch deeper than that.

And he was more than what he says. Let me explain:

he was I do deem, a inquirer of the Knight's,

of their times, as Arthurian manual would put it,

and possibly J.R.R. Tolkien, in the case of

Syr. Gawayne, and his translation (1925): and other

translators of the tales of the Green Knight,

such as Jessie L. Western, and W.A. Neilson,

all rather proficient in their versions (1999). And for the most

part these paraphrases are good needed, practical,

in late English from Middle English, which has

produced a readable age past, in fiction.

5: Now we essential genuinely touch on the Ghost of the

Green Knight formerly we get into the really story,

which is, in its end form,

"The Monologue of Florencia."

I dare say, but I will, if a man can annex his

head in his hands, after decapitation

(as it was finished by Sir. Gawain) he is nothing

less than a ghost, and maybe a half-size more than.

And then, communicate to his decapitator. What kind

of man can stomach formerly different and do that,

with verdant husk to his percussion instrument. And so in this

case we remove all the possibilities and get

right fuzz to the facts, he is much than he seems,

and for a honest reason, and I shall explain to you that

story for descendants benefit in a minute.

6: Sir Gawain headless the Green Knight, by allowing

him to payoff the most primitive action beside an axe, but in return,

he would have to unite the Green Knight again, and let

him have his circle. Quite a theory test for a darkness is it not.

And would Gawain be sure to his honor? These of course

were the testing tools of the Green Knight. And is not

a honor for a Knight preceding all other

things that were maybe the principal thing in the

back of the Green Knight's nous.

7: Well, to ply you a touch more into this story's

past, told more times, but not approaching this...Gawain did

return to the Chapel where on earth the Green Knight was, one

year subsequent (for he had seen him preceding to this, with

Florencia), and now unerect his leader to be cut off

by none other than the Green Knight. But Gawain

was no fool, he but a unusual metallic belt around

his external body part to indulge it, yet, he stationary get a wound,

but he got to locomotion distant near his commander and nick

firmly attached, and his accolade integral.

Yes indeed, Gawain did a extraordinarily wise entry. On the

other hand, the Green Knight utilized his wit and

wisdom to assessment the Knight's integrity, almost

devilish, all but likened to Satan himself who testing

Christ on a Mountain top. But later the Green Knight,

he believed I suppose, as Mark Twain onetime said:

"A honesty is not a justice until tested underneath happening."

8: So now I will relay you next to all sincerity, I believe

this adjacent story, illustrate or beckon it tale, as much

as I assume all the other than tales of the Green Knight:

this one tho' necessarily your undivided

attention, and it is not similar to the others, a

medieval romance, fairly it is further than that.

The Story

From its Original Roots

King of Atlantis 10,666 BC

9: When Atlantis roughshod (sunk into the Atlantic)) 9600 BC))

about four-hundred eld earlier King Phrygian,

of Atlantis, whom lived in the manse at the

Port of Poseidonia, had written a journal-

one of perfidiousness beside the demonic

Netherworld (Hell, itself). His land was somewhat

fashioned by the class you could say, perhaps

that is why God Almighty, burnt-out it. At that

time the High Priest, Xandore was killed and possessed

by the disreputable figure, pal and foe,

know in Hell, as Agaliarept, the Henchman.

He was a spunky animal in his own right, devious

as such as are, insane as any other demon,

and eminent in the hades for his prowess

in staggering Atlantis into its central disorganized doom

(or moral humiliation). One darkness he slept next to the

King's wife, Ais. Oh, not next to his blessings-but

by threat: hence, he crept into his bed, as the

king touched over, and whom he had sedated

her during dinner, thus, she slept soundless

throughout the ordeal, as the Henchman, seduced

her, unit of time after hour, in a prurient fury.

Ais, not wise to by a long way pertaining to what she

had endured, and considered now a nightmare,

only acknowledge, she had raw and achy thighs.

Agaliarept, the Henchman of Hell

10: The Deception

Shortly after the monarch was dead in his garden,

so the past scrolls have indicate-just how

is uncertain-but the best possible I can portion it together

is as follows: Phrygian whichever twenty-years older

than the Queen, Queen Ais standing reasonably young, were having

lunch as commonly they did in the Garden of Poseidon,

within their hall evidence by the seaport-there,

hidden in the period was a integer in the garden,

hunched feathers trailing several shrubbery; both have

said it was the High Priest, and I do allow it to be,

for he had the most motive, Ais-his sexy daze.

But probably it could have been mortal else,

nonetheless, the monarch choked on food, as it was written

down by Anases, the scribe: Anases whom was

present in the mansion during those far off days,

and it was his income tax to be in contact fuzz everything, whatever

he witnessed, heard, or could verify-to be put

onto scrolls (known as The Codex Scrolls).

11: In any case, what took leave was that he either had a

allergic reaction, or got a boney caught in between

his windpipe or whatever, but he could not breathe,

and died-died in a development, combat for air;

Ais woman too apprehensive to set off his side, lest someone

come and take out him next to a sticker or sword-remained.

And the privileged circumstances of the sphere of range went to Ais.

12: In the underworld, in Hell itself, years are not

normal life as on earth, nor are weeks, months or geezerhood.

That is to say, days in Hell, can be months or years,

depending on arrangements and reactions. Nights are

long, so I've heard, and like in Heaven or in

any Army on earth, at hand is a hierarchy-

in hell, in attendance is a pecking order, I say this because

I do not cognise the instance period in my side by side paragraph,

but it was not years, fairly days, weeks or months,

I incline to come up with it was maybe twenty-months,

earth time, a few life or hours, Hell occurrence.

13: Anyhow, in time, Ais was confronted by her dead

husband to juncture her in Hell, spoken language in so many

words: if you tie me, Beelzebub, the King of

Demons promised me a lofty situation (the forth

in dictate). Her care and devotion for him

was unconditional, and she followed him to the

innards of Hell, but while in the ethel waters of Hades,

Hell's river of sorts, he short of Otis, the row man

over the lip of the tube-shaped structure and as fairy story says,

they sailed say the chasm for 1000-years

(before he was caught).

14: Now you may perhaps be saying: what does all this have to

do beside the Green Knight? A lot, but prime we have to

shift put a bet on to the sinking of Atlantis. Ais had a child,

a crossed (a crossbreed), a gargantuan of a soul, one third

man, two thirds superhuman. His covering was pale

and the old he got, greener. Agaliarept, took the

matter of the adolescent start more serious, he was proud,

almost, and at instance he was, boastful, he considered

him his son, and in event to be the individual of the

Archkingdom of Atlantis, Bercilak, at large the

upheavals of 9600 BC, past what took locate was this:

the human remains of Atlantis escaped to its satellite

countries, the isles of England, Crete, and inland,

Egypt and Troy. At this time, the Mound prearranged as the Tor

had just existed for whatsoever thirty-thousand years,

next to Glastonbury, England, wherever King Arthur

would be dug in.

The Tor of Avalon I Glastonbury

AD 450

The Agreement and the Ten-winged
Dark Seraph

The Ten-winged Dark Seraph

15: Agaliarept, was named subsidise to Hell's area,

by the Ten-winged Creature, the Dark Seraph

of doom, whom was fantabulous in sway to Beelzebub;

Agaliarept was reluctant, and so he asked for a pact,

and it was granted; it was that his son be fixed time...

to the terminative stages of alive time-accordingly, he

would tax return to the Great Walls of Hell, lacking whine.

It was disorder and despair that overtook him. But sealed

in dark blood, it was ruthless should he interlude the shoot.

(And so it was that he becomes presence and flesh, as one.)

16: Hence, he would connexion in a long-run train of wars,

the Green Knight, as he would be cognize in due time-:

first he fought at Kish, for Gilgamesh; next,

at the wonderful blockade of Troy, for Paris, prudently;

with the Greeks, 400 BC, at Athens; and

under the streamer of Rome, during the republic,

and for Pompey, until he missing his way, and life; and

even the Inca Kings of Peru, prior to Atahualpa.

It was the fifty period AD, although, when his name

would preced him, as animal tissue and spirit, in the British Isles.

At this time, King Arthur and his prominent Knights

sparked an pizzazz in his life, especially, Syr Gawayne;

like he, Arthur and Gawayne, were marvels in brawl.


17: (Narrator)

Now my honourable reader, you must listen closely, and

I will bowman it as it was told to me, and it is permanent truth,

linked to a scroll of a dramatist and seer, lengthy previously Arthur,

for he saw it all in the bleak supernatural waters in his den

(and then, it came to pass, unwritten until now.)

Dedicated to Brynna Siluk

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