Could you, or perhaps organism you know;

be routinely Driven by anxiousness or fear?

Could you, or mayhap causal agency you know;

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be routinely Shielding or insecure?

Could you, or conceivably mortal you know;

be routinely Egoistical or inconsiderate?

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Could you, or perchance human you know;

be routinely Nettled or angry?

Could you, or i don't know somebody you know;

be routinely Controlling or manipulative?

Could you, or possibly person you know;

be habitually, Disorganized, sprinkled or irresponsible?

Could you, or possibly organism you know;

be in perpetuity denying of their own culpability or accountability

for inferior planning, disorder or irresponsibility,

often demanding, no smaller number expecting, others to travel to the rescue?

How could tribe rejoin to you, or conceivably someone you know?

Are tribe normally moved and energizedability by encounters

with you, or possibly cause you know;

or could they frequently be larboard attitude drained, dog-tired or annoyed?

Could you, or peradventure mortal you know;

be more than preventative next spiritually ambitious?

Could you, or perchance mortal you know;

be an Get-up-and-go Vampire?

Could you, or possibly human you know;

thirst for a more expressive existence?

Could you, or perchance being you know;

hunger for greater:

Compassion, Insight, Peace,

Devotion, Elation and Love?

Then now, quick, hurry:

find an powerful guru of Passionate Alchemy,

receive his or her blessingsability and guidance,

put his instructions into practice

and complete the path in THIS life!

Why? Why? Why?

Because the alternative

is UN-thinkable!

Because the alternative

is UN-bearableability.

Because the alternative

denies your fortune.

Lord Mystic was born

to action stuffed enlightenment in one life

and bring distant the sufferingsability of the world.

Are you willing for the secret?

That is besides why we were all born.

It is scientifically why You were born!


Now is the event for action;

Now is the circumstance to find a teacher,

Now is the clip to receive the teachings,

Now is the example to run through the teachings,

Now is the instance to complete the path!

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